The World of Joe Tex

Singer, dancer, writer, preacher, rapper, comic and all around original...

Selected compilations

There are countless compilations on CD and numerous tracks available for download or stream. Some CD's are brilliantly researched, others thrown together. Some have tracks claiming to be by JT that are not the man at all. Here are some choice selections:


All of Joe's 1950's singles (A's and B's ), recorded for King, Ace and Anna,  on one CD.






Every Dial recording from1961 through to his Hold what you've got breakthrough in 1964. Also a few later rare tracks including the gorgeous I'll make everyday Christmas (for my woman).






Joe's first two albums (both 1965 when he was smokin' hot) plus 4 country standards left over from the New Boss sessions. First of Shout Records series of 2 original albums on one CD.






The 3rd and 4th Dial albums, 4 bonus tracks from mid 1967 singles and the unreleased (at the time) ballad All a man needs.






The Shout series continues with the audience dubbed Live and Lively and orchestrated Soul Country, 3 bonus tracks from 1967/68 singles.







No let up in quality with the comedy, preaching  and much more besides of Joe's 7th and 8th Dial albums. Both sides of the rare Joe Tex Band 1968 single as an extra bonus.






Another superlative Shout series, presenting all of Joe's singles (A's & B's)  from Hold what you've got onwards. No less than 12 Billboard hits on this volume. 






8 more Billboard hits, including R&B Top 10's Skinny legs and all,  Men are getting scarce. Booklets for all 4 volumes include session discographies.






6 more hits including the all time great Buying a book and No.1 comeback I gotcha. Plus another chance to hear about Joe's Bad feet!







The hits were getting more scarce by 1973 but Joe's wit and inventiveness shows through in tracks like King Thaddeus and the continent crossing Mama Red. After a showbiz lay off Joe comes back strong with Ain't gonna bump no more.






Wonderful 1989 compilation, if you can find it, containing the whole of an unreleased, New Orleans recorded 1975 album.  Also rare and unissued tracks from 1965 to 1980. Includes Joe's only recorded duet (with Mable John) and the fantastic travelogue I can see everybody's baby.





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