The World of Joe Tex

Singer, dancer, writer, preacher, rapper, comic and all around original...

Cut ups,  juicy slices of prime JT

 YOU SAID A BAD WORD!! said a bad word.mp3


THEY'LL NEVER REACH MIAMI BEACH!!'ll never reach Miami beach.mp3 

WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!?!'s wrong with these people.mp3


THEY DOIN' ALRIGHT! doin' alright.mp3

PO' CHICKEN JUST DON'T STAND A CHANCE...' chicken just don't stand a chance.mp3

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I GOTCHA!! Gotcha.mp3 

 LOOK AT MY BODY at my body.mp3


BACK OFF!!!! off.mp3


PAPA IF YOU CAN HEAR ME if you can hear me.mp3