The World of Joe Tex

Singer, dancer, writer, preacher, rapper, comic and all around original...

The Joe Tex Band

The Joe Tex Band, often billed as The Clyde William Orchestra, was one of the hottest road bands in the 60’s and early 70’s. Bandmembers frequently appeared on Joe’s recordings alongside studio musicians.


The nucleus of the band, Clyde Williams (drummer and bandleader) and Lee ‘Leroy’ Hadley (guitar), joined Joe in 1961. Other musicians settled into the group including Lee’s brother Clarence (bass)  who joined around 1964.  The personnel continued to change and as Joe’s star rose the band grew larger. By 1965 trumpeters Johnny Whitrack and Emile Hall were part of the team as well as Norman ‘Sly’ Sellers (trombone). All were featured on the 1966 Live at Brooklyn Fox recordings. Leroy Monroe (trumpet) joined in 1966/67.


By 1968 the band was thirteen strong with a ten piece brass section. In May 1968 the band recorded their own single, Betwixt and between and Chocolate cherry.



The band at the time of recording consisted of:


Emile Hall


Leroy Monroe


Pat Patterson


Johnny Whitrack


Anthony Dorsey


Norman 'Sly' Sellers


Willy Sharp

Alto sax

Grady Gaines

Tenor sax

Donald Henry

Tenor sax

Leroy Flemming

Baritone sax

Lee Hadley


Clarence Hadley


Clyde Williams



Both songs were written and arranged by Anthony ‘Bone’ Dorsey (trombone) who went on to work with Paul McCartney & Wings and others.  

Joe sometimes had to slim down his road band for overseas trips. Joe travelled to Europe in 1969 with a nine piece band. Special thanks to Lee Hadley for identifying band members in these pictures of the Joe Tex Show in Stockholm 1969.























On the 1970 Soul Together European tour Joe took Clyde Williams, Lee Hadley, Pat Patterson, Leroy Monroe, Webster Smith as well as Gregory Clark (Bass) and Eddie Williams  (sax).


Eddie Williams provided the arrangements for Joe Tex sings with strings and things and co-wrote the great, multi-tempoed  Everything happens on time  with Joe.


Joe disbanded his roadshow when he devoted himself to Muslim preaching in 1972. On his return to showbusiness Lee Hadley and others rejoined Joe on the road. Joe toured widely with the Second Resurrection Band. In the last years of his life Joe found it hard to keep a regular band and often used pick up musicians.